Practical Information

Local Time
Cancun is six hours behind GMT.

Most hotels have a water purification system, as do the top restaurants. Beyond these establishments, it is highly recommended that you drink bottled water only.

The official currency is the Mexican Peso but the American Dollar is also widely accepted. However, avoid using ATMs outside of your hotel or a bank as identity theft is not uncommon in parts.

Cancun International Airport is the country’s second busiest airport and is ten kilometres from the hotel strip and 16 kilometres from downtown Cancun. Cancun‘s transport is very good, with major airlines from most continents flying there.

Spanish is the main language but English is widely spoken as well.


Cancun's electricity supply is 110 volts. Three-pronged plugs are generally not accepted so it would prudent to bring you own adapter, although these are usually available in the hotel shops.

It is customary to tip a dollar for every suitcase while the average tip for bills is around 10-15 per cent.

Bargains when buying
You can bargain in flea markers and with taxi drivers you hail on the street, but not in shopping malls or taxis at taxi stands.

Dress code

The emphasis is on comfort. You will very rarely need to wear a tie or appear very smart.

It is best to agree the price with the driver at the start of the journey. Also, bear in mind that taxis outside of hotels and restaurants tend to be more expensive than any that you hail from the street.