Public Transportation

Cancun is very easy to navigate around. The city is to the north, the airport is in the south and the large stretch of land between the sea and the Nichupte lagoon is where you will find the Hotel Zone and Downtown Cancun.

This is the most preferred way of getting from A to B. Buses are inexpensive, and run very frequently. You pay your fare as you get on the bus, which is on a per-person basis, and the driver will hand you a ticket as normal. The majority of buses are fairly basic, so don’t expect air conditioning or seat cushions. Most bus drivers speak enough English to help you get around, some will even stop for you even if you are not waiting at a designated stop! The best maps for bus routes can be found on the Can-Do Cancun maps and guides by Perry and Laura McFarlin. The main companies that serve Cancun are Riviera Express and ADO.

The main bus routes run up and down Blvd Kukulcan and to get off, either push the button on the handrail or tell the bus driver if you are unsure. Keep your wits about you, as pickpocketing can be a concern on full buses. 

You’ll find a taxi driving around pretty much everywhere you look. The prices can differ hugely between the Hotel Zone and the airport, and in the downtown area, much cheaper here. Approximate fares can be found at hotel receptions and shopping centres, and in downtown Cancun, there is a general fixed fare of about 20 pesos per trip. However, there are no meters, set rates are with the driver on paper with prices per kilometre. We recommend you ask the driver upon boarding to avoid any expensive misunderstandings; you may even be able to obtain a 10 per cent discount if you ask!